It’s proven. Great design produces valuable brands. Yet branding must be more than a cool logo & clean packaging.

We help businesses answer brand questions like these

  • Are there other competitors that offer the same product or service? Why do your customers choose you?
  • Can you capture your unique value proposition in one sentence?
  • Could your customers describe your unique value proposition using their own words?
  • Does what your customers say and what you say about your company align?
  • Do your employees embody your organization’s values and personality?
  • Marketing produces short term results. Branding is a long term strategy. Are you doing both well?
  • At every point of contact (online, in-store, advertising, customer service), do customers get the same experience?
  • Is your corporate identity future proof?
  • Have you ever noticed your customers being confused when interacting with your services?
  • Look at ALL of your brochures, catalogs, social media, advertising, and website… do they look like they come from the same place?
Leadership Transition Workshops

How do you let go and set the company up for success? How do you make changes that are innovative but not too disruptive? It can be overwhelming. Curious has a process to help your team ask the right questions and find consensus to make your next best move quickly.

Guided discussions on these topics:

  • Leadership personality assessments
  • Align old and new brand vision, values, value proposition, personality, voice
  • Merger/Acquisition strategies
  • Brand positioning
  • Messaging

At the end of this workshop, Curious will assemble a Brand Guideline that creates a corporate foundation for future decision making.

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Past examples of brand strategy application

Alomere Health Guiding Rename & Rebrand Strategy

Ostra Collaborative Brand Story Development

Heimies Made Define Unique Brand Position

The Foundry New Name Evokes a Storied History

Welia Health Launching a new brand.

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