Good products are useful, usable & beautiful. Great ones solve customer pain in revolutionary ways.

We use business context & proven techniques to help you answer questions like these:

Product Development
  • Who is my audience and what do they need?
  • What revenue generation models exist and what’s best for us?
  • What is our product story and does it resonate with the right people?
  • What can we test and how does that process work?
  • What can we prototype with minimal investment?
  • How do we quantify a “good” product experience?
  • How might available technology improve our offering and customer experience?
  • Who can build this idea and what will it cost?
Technology & Platform
  • How might we improve security or reliability with existing technologies?
  • What are the implications of adding this (desired) feature?
  • Is the investment to improve SEO going to have an equal impact on your business?
  • Am I gaining all the insights available from analytics tools?
  • Can I make my technology platforms do more for my business?
  • Does your product infastructure & documentation pass the "bus test"?

Curious helps imagine, define, prototype and test product opportunities.

We want to help you create successful solutions your users will love. We can partner with your team to fill expertise gaps, provide education and training, or manage the entire process. It's up to you.

Services we offer:
  • Google Design Sprint Workshops
  • Opportunity Identification/Mapping
  • Customer Needs Analysis (Personas, Jobs to Be Done)
  • Definition (Technical Architecture, Wireframes, UX Flows)
  • Prototyping includeing web apps, mobile, platforms, voice, augmented/virtual reality
  • UX Research/Testing (strategy, recruitment, moderation)
  • Managing 3rd Party Production Efforts
  • Training & Mentoring your team

Product Development Case Studies

ItsawegoProduct Story + Prototyping

Advisor, partner, coach, or maker... Curious can help

We understand the complexities of growing and innovating a business. The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone. We’d love to help! But before we can do that, we need to know a bit more about you and your challenges.

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